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Thankfulness 365

One of the joys of the holiday season is the increased focus on appreciation what people are pleased with and focus on what is good. Thankfulness for blessings, family, memories, successes and more. This increased focus on thankfulness is infectious, inspiring, and delightful.

At any time thankfulness can truly be magical. It tends to make situations change for the better. Positive psychology has proven that choosing the feeling of thankfulness and focusing on what you are thankful for often instantly improves your mood.

Many spiritual systems teach us that thankfulness is so powerful that it attracts more situations, things, people, and outcomes to appreciate. I recently saw a powerful example of consciously choosing to be thankful. A woman had been experiencing health issues that resulted in continual pain and unwanted medication side effects for a few years. After going through a thirty day thankfulness protocol she experienced the following changes: (1) she was able to more fully focus on techniques that reduced the pain, (2) she was able to eliminate the need for medication, and (3) she created happier life experienced due to her shift in mindset. Practicing thankfulness is simple and powerful.

Here are some things to explore. Identify three experiences that happened today that you enjoyed, appreciated, felt good about, or were inspired by. How did you feel after exploring pleasing memories? What if you lived more of your life in that state of appreciate, wonder, and a state of awareness set on looking for things that are good and awesome for you? What if you openly appreciated people that bring you value and joy? What if the heighted spirit of thankfulness became a norm throughout the year for you?

Could you choose to journal and record your personal rampage of  thankful each day for a year?

Autumn Wellness Wisdom

What would happen if you explored being more in harmony with the cycles of nature. A lot of ancient healing and lifestyle wellness techniques are still very effective because they respect and align with the rhythms of nature and the universe. The rhythms and cycles of nature apply to the internal aspect of your mind, body, and spirit as well as the external aspect of your environment. It is all connected and choosing to neglect the rhythms is like swimming up stream and being against natural flow.

In the USA Autumn is in full beauty. Crisp air, leaves falling, and signs of change all around. The wisdom of Chinese Medicine tells us that Autumn brings an increased energy of organization, order, communication, stability, the mind, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. We naturally tend to be more reflective, turning inward to our work, our families and our homes during this time. According to the wisdom of the Ancient Taoist wellness principles, it is time to embrace, nurture, and strengthen the lungs and large intestines. These two internal organs related to Fall and the Metal element. These organs are associated with the emotions of “letting go” of what you no longer need and results in sadness and grief when out of balance.

It is important to keep the mind clear and “let go” of negative emotions, which can impact health more strongly during the fall. Often a higher since of clarity, peace, and vitality can be achieved through Qi Gong breathing exercises.

There are foods and herbs that are great for this season. There are foods and herbs that amazing at nurturing the organs but the choice to be more in harmony is equally as important as your meal and herb strategy.

Remember that wellness is lifestyle and mindset. You deserve to enjoy optimum wellness in all seasons.

Explore and Discover Your Balance

In our culture of busyness peoples’ attention, intentions, and actions are scattered. Due to high demand lifestyles, technology overload, challenges, and culture influences many of us feel off balance. As a result, the concept of balance has been heavily marketed across many arenas. The concept of balance makes headlines in corporate hiring campaigns, travel blogs, beverage marketing, yoga studios, etc. What is the feeling or state of being that we are chasing? Balance is living conditions in which different elements life are equal or in the correct proportions for you to feel aligned.

Before you start the journey to optimum balance here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. What would balance look and feel like for you?
  2. What’s stopping you from feeling more balance now?
  3. How can the consistent balance that you crave add more joy, fulfillment, and meaning your life?

Balance is as uniquely individual as your figure print. It is also ever changing like the cycles of the moon. The aspect of ourselves that are unique also influence what we value and need to feel more aligned. For example, an introverted person might not value a spicy night out on the town in New York City as much as an extroverted person. Even if they both enjoy the night out, it may have a very different impact on each individuals’ since of balance. Further, Church and Sunday dinner with immediate and extended family may have helped you feel more balanced five years ago. However, at this point your life a long hike in nature on Sunday brings you more balance and alignment than the church, dinner, and family tradition.

As you explore more ways of feeling balanced and aligned, consider first examining what you value, what truly brings you joy, and what you truly need to feel balanced in this season of your life. Be kind to yourself and understand that what you need and value may change. Also, make time to review what you should adjust, stop, and incorporate to feel the since of balance that you desire. Enjoy exploring ways to feel more fulfilled and aligned.


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