Month: August 2021

Cam W.

Making health conscious choices was challenging, but Nishisksi of Thrive Now Wellness really helped me. Not only does she care about what you’re putting into your body. She also cares about you the person and believes in building you up mentally.

Mary Anne

But guess what!! The bags under my eyes start disappearing for some reasons, my face start looking fresh and young again like when i was growing. And my breast start having some shape like before. Before the treatment they were more flat like I didn’t have anything. So, I feel and look good….


She’s very knowledgeable and set me on a path to the healthier lifestyle I live today. Since I met her, I’ve recommended other clients to her, and everyone is thrilled with her programs.

Nicole W.

Nishisksi Chandler and The Thrive Now Wellness Group has literally changed my life. I had no idea what true wellness was until I participated in the program. The coaching was world class and her accessibility is unmatched. I still use the recipes and coaching tips I learned. The benefits are life long and sustainable but more than anything else, I feel great!!!

Willie G.

Met Coach Chandler by chance through our church pastor, all I say what a great program she has to offer, I would encourage any one struggling with bad eating habits or just want to make a change, I learned some simple tools to good healthy eating that can be purchased at the grocery store. this will be a life long change for me in continuing on this road of a healthy lifestyle.I highly recommend Thrive Now Wellness to any one looking for a permanent change to a healthier lifestyle. In addition, Coach Chandler is wonderful individual who cares about her fellow man and women I am so happy our paths crossed.


Coach Chandler made a tremendous impact on my health and female wellness. Having struggled with PCOS, hormonal imbalance, weight gain and infertility. I was told by physicians that medications would be the answers to my health problems. After I finally listened and made lifestyle changes that were recommended by coach Chandler I began to notice a difference in my overall health and well-being. I was able to conceive my second child without medication assistance as I was told would be needed. Coach Chandler has the tools and insight to help with you reach your goals but you have to put in the work. I love the Thrive Now Wellness community the connection and motivation. I recommend Coach Chandler to anyone looking to make a difference and get their life back on track.

Sharmaine T.

Coach Chandler is the truth! Her vast knowledge not only comes from countless hours of study but personal experience! I’ve trusted her with my life for the past 20 years and will trust her for years to come. The wealth of knowledge obtained from Coach Chandler’s group and personal sessions is without a doubt the best EVER! She teaches you that your wellness is ALL UP TO YOU!

Kutie P.

Thrive Now Wellness is the most effective health plan I’ve been on in my life. As a survivor of PCOS, I can proudly say Coach Chandler is very effective and efficient and her approach to wellness is tried and true. Her professionalism makes your wellness journey simple and fun. A million thumbs up Thrive Now Wellnes. The only way to live is to ….Live Free ~Yalanda Barber Sweney

John R.

Thrive Now is honestly one of the best decisions/life choices I have ever made in my life. Not only has it changed the way I choose to nourish my body, it has also changed the way I look at life. Nishiski is a brilliant coach who takes the time to treat each clients indivual needs and base the program around what each person needs specifically to their body and health. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to make life changes to look into Thrive Now Wellness. It will be the best decision you will ever make. Guaranteed!!!

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