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Health Coach and Lifestyle Wellness Expert Coach Chandler

Like so many women, Coach Chandler was at the point where she was facing some health challenges that prevented her from thriving and kept her dependent on prescription medications just to function. She grew tired of not being able to live according to her heart’s desires because of her health. Lacking balance she sacrificed her health to keep pace with the demands of a busy lifestyle until one day Coach Chandler chose to make her wellness a top priority. As a result of fully shifting her mindset, diet, and lifestyle she was able to overcome asthma, kidney damage, fibroids, severe anemia, depression, released over thirty pounds of excess weight, sleep deprivation, and more, naturally.

In addition to regaining vibrant wellness, Coach Chandler’s quest for a healthier mind, body, and lifestyle led her to become a devout student of total wellness. She formally studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Hippocrates Health Institute, and the Light Song School of Shamanic Studies. Since 2014 Coach Chandler has used timeless wellness wisdom and education to help hundreds of people go from sluggish to vibrant wellness. Many of her clients have transformed from being overwhelmed and worried about their health to confident and at peace. As a result of working with Coach Chandler some of her clients have overcome or significantly reduced sleep challenges, lack of energy, fertility issues, womb issues, digestive system issues, blood sugar issues, blood pressure issues, pain, skin issues, cancer, vertigo, kidney weakness, depression, excess weight, inflammation, and more. She is known for meeting clients where they are on their wellness journey and giving them tools to feel better and thrive.

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