Jan 10, 2018
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The most basic motivation behind eating food is to get nutrients necessary for life, vitality, and growth. We instinctually eat food and food like substances to receive vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids that we need to create healthy cells and energy. Beyond the basic needs we also consume food and food like substances for comfort, connection, joy, recreation, and emotional relief.

When making food choices, how much should we think about the food’s likelihood to provide the absorbable nutrients that actually support wellness and nourish the body? There are a few factors to consider when we are looking to improve nutrition. First consider that both proper food choices and preparation are critical for getting the most out of our meals. Second, consistent food habits are the foundation to eating-to-thrive vs. eating-to-survive.

What is eating-to-survive? Eating-to-survive mostly involves low quality, highly processed, highly chemicalized, and over cooked foods which provide very few nutrients. These foods cause the body to work harder than it should in its attempt to find nutrients. When the body cannot find nutrients or is not getting what it needs from food, health declines and deficiency results. Decline or deficiency can be gradual, so continual survival is possible. Examples of decline are indigestion, bloating, and disease such as diabetes.

What is eating-to-thrive? Eating-to-thrive entails consuming nutrient rich, digestible, and absorbable foods that easily provide nutrition to the body. It’s when the body can easily use the food consumed and gets what it needs from food for vitality, healthy growth, and wellness results. Results of wellness are great energy throughout the day, mental and physical clarity, and sound sleep.

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