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Thankfulness 365

One of the joys of the holiday season is the increased focus on appreciation what people are pleased with and focus on what is good. Thankfulness for blessings, family, memories, successes and more. This increased focus on thankfulness is infectious, inspiring, and delightful.

At any time thankfulness can truly be magical. It tends to make situations change for the better. Positive psychology has proven that choosing the feeling of thankfulness and focusing on what you are thankful for often instantly improves your mood.

Many spiritual systems teach us that thankfulness is so powerful that it attracts more situations, things, people, and outcomes to appreciate. I recently saw a powerful example of consciously choosing to be thankful. A woman had been experiencing health issues that resulted in continual pain and unwanted medication side effects for a few years. After going through a thirty day thankfulness protocol she experienced the following changes: (1) she was able to more fully focus on techniques that reduced the pain, (2) she was able to eliminate the need for medication, and (3) she created happier life experienced due to her shift in mindset. Practicing thankfulness is simple and powerful.

Here are some things to explore. Identify three experiences that happened today that you enjoyed, appreciated, felt good about, or were inspired by. How did you feel after exploring pleasing memories? What if you lived more of your life in that state of appreciate, wonder, and a state of awareness set on looking for things that are good and awesome for you? What if you openly appreciated people that bring you value and joy? What if the heighted spirit of thankfulness became a norm throughout the year for you?

Could you choose to journal and record your personal rampage of  thankful each day for a year?

Autumn Wellness Wisdom

What would happen if you explored being more in harmony with the cycles of nature. A lot of ancient healing and lifestyle wellness techniques are still very effective because they respect and align with the rhythms of nature and the universe. The rhythms and cycles of nature apply to the internal aspect of your mind, body, and spirit as well as the external aspect of your environment. It is all connected and choosing to neglect the rhythms is like swimming up stream and being against natural flow.

In the USA Autumn is in full beauty. Crisp air, leaves falling, and signs of change all around. The wisdom of Chinese Medicine tells us that Autumn brings an increased energy of organization, order, communication, stability, the mind, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. We naturally tend to be more reflective, turning inward to our work, our families and our homes during this time. According to the wisdom of the Ancient Taoist wellness principles, it is time to embrace, nurture, and strengthen the lungs and large intestines. These two internal organs related to Fall and the Metal element. These organs are associated with the emotions of “letting go” of what you no longer need and results in sadness and grief when out of balance.

It is important to keep the mind clear and “let go” of negative emotions, which can impact health more strongly during the fall. Often a higher since of clarity, peace, and vitality can be achieved through Qi Gong breathing exercises.

There are foods and herbs that are great for this season. There are foods and herbs that amazing at nurturing the organs but the choice to be more in harmony is equally as important as your meal and herb strategy.

Remember that wellness is lifestyle and mindset. You deserve to enjoy optimum wellness in all seasons.

Explore and Discover Your Balance

In our culture of busyness peoples’ attention, intentions, and actions are scattered. Due to high demand lifestyles, technology overload, challenges, and culture influences many of us feel off balance. As a result, the concept of balance has been heavily marketed across many arenas. The concept of balance makes headlines in corporate hiring campaigns, travel blogs, beverage marketing, yoga studios, etc. What is the feeling or state of being that we are chasing? Balance is living conditions in which different elements life are equal or in the correct proportions for you to feel aligned.

Before you start the journey to optimum balance here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. What would balance look and feel like for you?
  2. What’s stopping you from feeling more balance now?
  3. How can the consistent balance that you crave add more joy, fulfillment, and meaning your life?

Balance is as uniquely individual as your figure print. It is also ever changing like the cycles of the moon. The aspect of ourselves that are unique also influence what we value and need to feel more aligned. For example, an introverted person might not value a spicy night out on the town in New York City as much as an extroverted person. Even if they both enjoy the night out, it may have a very different impact on each individuals’ since of balance. Further, Church and Sunday dinner with immediate and extended family may have helped you feel more balanced five years ago. However, at this point your life a long hike in nature on Sunday brings you more balance and alignment than the church, dinner, and family tradition.

As you explore more ways of feeling balanced and aligned, consider first examining what you value, what truly brings you joy, and what you truly need to feel balanced in this season of your life. Be kind to yourself and understand that what you need and value may change. Also, make time to review what you should adjust, stop, and incorporate to feel the since of balance that you desire. Enjoy exploring ways to feel more fulfilled and aligned.


Stop Seasonal Allergies

Spring is in full bloom in many part of the USA and as result many people are suffering from the spring blues. The seasonal allergies can cause discomfort as minor as sneezing and as severe as debilitating infection.

Are you experiencing seasonal allergies?

Did you know that allergies are your bodies way of giving you valuable information and indicators nudging you to take action towards improving your immune system?

An allergy is a disorder of the immune system that causes symptoms, such as sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and a runny nose. Environmental and dietary factors can cause reactions to allergens.

Here are a few solutions to avoid or relieve seasonal allergies and strengthen your immunity naturally.

  • Avoid beer, processed foods, caffeine, dairy, peanuts, sugar, and chocolate.
  • Eat more fresh and unprocessed plant-based foods
  • Boost your immune system with zinc rich food like pumpkin seeds or incorporate zinc supplements into your daily routine
  • Improve your digestive system
  • Consume more ginger, red onions, and spicy peppers
  • Supplement with the herb nettle

Get the recommended supplements that combat seasonal allergies in the links below.

Nettle Supplements –  is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the family Urticaceae. It is native to Europe, Asia, northern Africa, and western North America, and introduced elsewhere.

Zinc Supplements – is a type of metal, is an trace element essential to the human body.


Learn about improving your wellness ad combating seasonal allergies in the Thrive Now Wellness w/ Coach Chandler FB Group


Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here. It is now a great time to deep clean your home, re-organized your life, declutter, service the HAVAC system, shred junk mail, service your vehicles, get an annual credit report, and more. For some people Spring Cleaning feels almost like a biological imperative. Scientist have noted that at the Spring or Vernal Equinox, we tend to be energetic, spirited and jubilant. Further, with the boost of energy there is a focus on transition that effects nature and us as human beings. For many cultures the Spring Equinox marks the official start of the New Year.

It is not only a great time to renew and refresh your surroundings and tools, it is also an excellent time to renew and rejuvenate your body.  Have you found yourself or some of associates focusing on renewal, new beginnings, personal changes, or personal balance during the Spring?

This fresh-start effect not only impacts the mind, it also impacts our body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Spring is a great time of renewal for the organ systems within your body. Further, it is the best time of the year to detoxify the liver. According to TCM, during spring our liver energy, or Qi, is naturally rising, and this helps the detoxification process.

If your home, car, machines, and schedules function better after good Spring Clean, how do you think your body would function after some Spring Cleansing. Your lungs, liver, bladder, kidneys, heart, stomach, pancreas and colon need the same Spring Cleansing and maintenance effort as your home. At Thrive Now Wellness we have found that Spring Cleansing your body is an effective preventative and healing wellness practice that yields unmatched mental, physical, and emotional results.

Want to learn effective ways to Spring Cleansing your body? Join the Spring Cleansing live stream in the Thrive Now Wellness w/ Coach Chandler FB Group on March 21st  2018 at 7pm est.


Habitual Success

We all know at least one small and simple act that we can do consistently to improve our physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional wellbeing. Further, we all know at least one good habit that we would like to cultivate. Do you think you can pick one simple act that will improve your wellbeing and do it every day for 30 days? What do you think the result will be? How will the result make you feel? (These questions are just food-for-thought….)

Some examples of small, simple, and inexpensive daily acts that can improve how you feel may include:

  • Full body stretching
  • Drinking lemon water first thing each morning
  • Reading or listening to insight on your career or passion
  • Before bed, appreciate something that went well in your day
  • Laugh with someone you love

Join me in committing to practicing one small and simple act of self-fulfillment and self-improvement each day of the next four weeks. What act do you choose? Share your journey in the Thrive Now Wellness Facebook community.

Download  your free 30 Day Thrive Now Wellness Tracker now and start your .

Total Wellness Starts With Self-Love

Wellness is a mindset and lifestyle that achieves good mental, physical, spiritual and relational health. Creating a wellness mindset lays the foundation to a healthier lifestyle and achieving sustainable wellness results. The primary component of a wellness mindset is the regard for one’s own well-being and happiness – Self-Love. Unfortunately, self-love is often seen as a moral flaw, akin to vanity and selfishness. The Merriam-Webster dictionary later describes self-love as to “love of self” or “regard for one’s own happiness or advantage”. At Thrive Now Wellness we see self-love as crucial to total wellness.

Ask yourself:
How is your intentional regard for your well-being and happiness?

How often do you treat yourself like a prized possession?

Are you treating yourself like an invaluable and irreplaceable asset in your life?

Is your relationship with you a priority?

Do you love and accept yourself completely?


Here are somethings to consider:
People who develop a stronger sense of self-love tend to be more successful in reaching and maintaining wellness goals. Creating a better version of yourself requires both internal and external change. At Thrive Wellness we have found that the internal shifts of thought process, beliefs, priorities, and views fuel behavior and all external change. When people experience health challenges and major lifestyle imbalances both self-neglect and mis-education are root causes.

Need to transform your health and create a greater sense of wellness throughout your life? Start with building your self-love.

Want more information on practical ways to improve your self-love?

Want to implement a self-love practice that builds a greater sense of self-love?

Need help getting total wellness results?

Contact Coach Chandler at coach@tnwlife.com and call 678-465-7118. For more tips on self-love join the Thrive Now Wellness w/ Coach Chandler FB Group. Self-love tips will be provided every Sunday in February.

Eating Healthy On-the-Go

More American’s are exploring healthier eating habits. “Healthy” is trending and many are in search of a sustainable healthy lifestyle solutions. Accessing nutrient rich food is critical to creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. However, due to travel or high demanding lifestyles many are seeking ways to access healthy meals on-the-go. If you are looking to eat healthier, first identify the core nutrition principles that you want to follow and commit to making the best food choices possible at each meal.

More American’s are exploring healthier eating habits. “Healthy” is trending and many are in search of a sustainable healthy lifestyle solutions. Accessing nutrient rich food is critical to creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. However, due to travel or busy lifestyles many are seeking convenient ways to access healthy meals on-the-go. If you are looking to eat healthier, It’s not that hard. Identify your core nutrition principles and commit to making the best food choices possible at each meal.

If you frequently eat on the go, here are some easy tips and tricks to help you eat healthier away from home:

  1. Use healthy eating sources like HappyCow – HappyCow is a public service to assist travelers and people around the world find the nearest health conscious restaurants and grocery options. Learn more at happycow.com or download the HappyCow phone application.
  2. Use a meal delivery service – Using a meal delivery service such a Freshly or Uber Eats can serve you well if you stay true to your core nutrition principles when choosing from menus.
  3. Eat fresh and low processed food from the health food store – Grocery stores also offer cooked and fresh ready-to-eat food options. It is possible to choose a fresh and ready to eat meal from the grocery store. Some grocery stores even offer deliver or curb side pickup. Are you wandering how this is convenient? It takes nearly the same amount of time (and sometimes more money) to walk into a restaurant, order a meal, and wait for it as it does to grab a salad and some wild caught smoked salmon from the grocery store.
  4. Adopt a stress reduction practice – Travel and busy lifestyles can result in the stronger desire to entertain and comfort ourselves with food. Adopting a fulfilling stress reduction practice such as yoga, meditation, and an upbeat talk with a loved one reduces the urge for comforting yourself through food.

To get more information on ways to thrive on your wellness journey join the Thrive Now Wellness W/ Coach Chandler Face Book community or visit www.thrivenowwellness.com

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