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Habitual Success

We all know at least one small and simple act that we can do consistently to improve our physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional wellbeing. Further, we all know at least one good habit that we would like to cultivate. Do you think you can pick one simple act that will improve your wellbeing and do it every day for 30 days? What do you think the result will be? How will the result make you feel? (These questions are just food-for-thought….)

Some examples of small, simple, and inexpensive daily acts that can improve how you feel may include:

  • Full body stretching
  • Drinking lemon water first thing each morning
  • Reading or listening to insight on your career or passion
  • Before bed, appreciate something that went well in your day
  • Laugh with someone you love

Join me in committing to practicing one small and simple act of self-fulfillment and self-improvement each day of the next four weeks. What act do you choose? Share your journey in the Thrive Now Wellness Facebook community.

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