The Support You Need

30 to 365 days

Full Body Reset

30 days
Are you ready to transform your health now? You can feel better, look better and boost your wellness in 30 days or less. Get the tools and support you need for rapid wellness change that you will be proud of.

Wellness Transformation

3 Months
Do you want to be healthier and feel great every day? Are you tired of life knocking you off track and stopping you from achieving your wellness goals? Are you ready to break unhealthy habits for good and embrace healthy habits that work well for you? You deserve to be happy with your health and wellness. If you are ready to transform your wellness for good this is the program for you.

Lifestyle Transformation

6 Months
Are you ready to create a healthier and happier lifestyle that you enjoy? Many people are unaware that practicing a healthier lifestyle is the most powerful approach to improve well-being and prevent challenges. This program gives you the support you need to physically, emotionally and energetically thrive.

Thrive 365

1 year
Sometimes your wellness journey calls for you to rejuvenate multiple aspects of yourself. Often sustainable improvements happen in phases. In Thrive 365 we give you the informed guidance, structure, and tools to progress into being more healthy, balanced, and whole.

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Full Body Reset
Wellness Transformation
Lifestyle Transformation
Thrive 365
Customized Eat-to-Thrive Meal Guidance with Recipes (Goal/Result focused nutrition suggestions)
Core Essentials to Wellness Shopping List
Customized Wellness Success Strategy
Nourishment Education Through Coaching, Books, Articles, DVDs, or Workshops
Support, Accountability, and Confidentiality
Guidance on Where to Get Nutrient-Dense Foods and Wellness Tools
Wellbeing Concierge Referrals to Effective Wellness and Medical Practitioners (when needed)
Eat-to-Thrive Food Tour OR In-home Kitchen Review
Health & Wellbeing Goal Setting, Progress Review, and Results Tracking
Lifestyle Mentoring to Manage Stress, Reduce Challenges and Achieve Sustainable Wellness Results
Customized Total Wellness Curriculum
Sessions included:
4 Mentoring Sessions
6 Coaching Sessions
12 Coaching Sessions
24 Coaching Sessions

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