Albany State University
Honors Program Coordinator

Coach Chandler is very genuine and brings a lot of realism and practical thinking about wellness and integrative health issues. She really connected with our students and staff. I’m confident that those who apply her methods and experience-based tips will improve their wellness. I would encourage any agency/company/school to host Nishisksi if they’re committed to continuous improvement and developing the health and wellbeing of their customers and constituents.


Cool Girls Executive Director

Nishisksi has the amazing ability to connect with audiences of all ages. She has facilitated workshops for our program participants which provided tools to help them make healthy choices in everyday life. She has been a key note speaker at a few of our events and her ability to engage, educate, and inspire, our audience is quite impressive. She provides thought-provoking and practical insight that equips everyone in the room to focus on improved wellness and a progressive life. Her speaking style and message truly inspires and motivates our staff, volunteers, and the girls that we serve.

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