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Download my list of spices that UPGRADE any meal!

Cooking healthy doesn’t have to consist of bland foods that bore your tastebuds.
Check out 5 herbs and spices that will upgrade any meal.

Meet Coach Chandler

Coach “Nishisksi” Chandler is a progressive health, wellness, and life coach with an all inclusive approach to improve the way you eat, think, and live. She specializes in empowering people to adopt lifestyle changes necessary to improve wellness and experience an better feeling life.

Coach Chandler is the owner of Thrive Now Wellness LLC and Thrive Now Nutrition LLC. Her mission to inspire and empower people to live a better feelings life is fulfilled through coaching, speaking, and writing.


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We are a trusted source on how to achieve and maintain the healthiest version of yourself through free content, health education, health and lifestyle improvement coaching, and individualized wellness guidance.

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